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Kids Classes In Libraries Aide In Transforming Communities

PlayHooray kids classes are held at libraries across Nassau and Suffolk County helping to bring adults and children together. PlayHooray has been conducting kids classes on Long Island since 2001.

Libraries have great resources for parents and kids.  Books and a love of learning are primary but libraries also offer a sense of community, play and socialization. Libraries make it possible to bring neighborhood people together. You can network with other parents and children can socialize with each other during PlayHooray kids classes at libraries.

The theme of this year’s National Library Week (April 10 – 16) was  “Libraries Transform”.  The Honorary Chair, Gene Luen Yang, put it best, “Libraries transform lives and communities by providing free access to technology, career development resources, and the skills to help people thrive in the digital age.”

In honor of libraries and librarians everywhere, we wanted to share the Top Ten Reasons to take your young child to the library.

10 -It’s a Community Center that fosters giving and sharing

9- Libraries offer peace & quiet

8- Most have an indoor play space or outdoor playground

7- You can dream away on a rainy day, immerse yourself in a book

6- Socialize and network with other parents and kids

5- Libraries have areas for reading, crafts, games and puzzles

4- The environment instills a love of learning, creativity and curiosity

3- Children learn to play side-by-side aiding in communication and fun

2- Librarians are “the bomb diggity” – they know everything !

1- To enjoy a PlayHooray class!

Kids Classes At PlayHooray Help Transform Communities

At our PlayHoooray classes for kids we strive to honor the theme of this year’s National Library week…helping to transform communities. Although we do Mom’s Groups, Nursery Preschools and kids parties most of our “mommy and me” kids classes are held at libraries. The biggest joy is to see the kids go through school, girl scouts, dance and sports together when they originally started out together in a PlayHooray class at their local library.

Do you remember your first trip to the library? Remember the feeling of getting your first library card with your parent? It can be a magical moment for many kids. Kids love seeing their name on a library card for the first time.  This experience gives kids a feeling of pride and empowerment. It’s a right of passage and continues to be until this very day.

This week in Oceanside, New York it happened to a child who attends our PlayHooray class. That “aha” moment you experience at the library.  Bridget, got her first library card. She held it out to show all the PlayHooray staff members. She was so proud of her brand new library card. It really was a thrill to see her expression!

From 1,000 books before Kindergarten to story time and summer reading programs, libraries have much to offer kids and parents. Here are some online resources to learn more about the benefits of being active in your local library. (Long Island Library Resources Council)

To learn more about PlayHooray kids classes being held in libraries throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties contact us at 516-768-4701 or check our class schedule at


Kids Parties At PlayHooray

Kids Parties At PlayHooray Are Super Fun!

Kids parties at PlayHooray are fun-filled with music and movement entertainment for children ages 6 months to 6 years. Kids parties at Playhooray last one hour and they are super fun! Even older kids and adults will enjoy our mix of pop music and children’s favorites.

When PlayHooray arrives, and after a short visit from our puppet Molly Mouse, we get the children up and moving as we warm up with ribbons and clackers. Then we freeze dance with party shakers, play with a pop-up bus, fire truck, maracas, drums, balls and more! Molly comes out of her brightly colored barn to say goodbye. Then, we do a simple craft. The bright and colorful seasonal craft allows the children to take something home that they make to commemorate your child’s party. The kids are then ready for food or cake and to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child.

It can be challenging to plan the timing of a kid’s party. PlayHooray has experience planning parties for inside or outside your home. Children’s entertainment and kids parties are areas of expertise at PlayHooray. For example, if you are having a kid’s party at a restaurant or clubhouse, we can coordinate around your lunch or dinner time. At PlayHooray we adapt our kids party to your needs.

PlayHooray is great at engaging children of all ages. We have partied with a few children in small spaces and we have done parties for many children in large rooms. We have partied in parks, restaurants, backyards, beaches and community centers across Long Island and the New York Metro Area. Have a PlayHooray party and let the good times begin! Children and adults alike will have a blast at our kid-tested, kid-approved PlayHooray parties!

Where to find fun ideas for kids party themes and decorations:


Dollar Tree

Family Fun Magazine

Planning a kid’s party soon? Contact PlayHooray for more information about kids parties.